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I don't remember when I was born, but it was between 1995 - 2000.

I was living at the local animal shelter (Mendocino County Animal Shelter) when I picked my current house mates. It was easy as pie. They came in to the cat room and I just walked right over to the man and climbed up on his shoulder and purred.

It worked!!!!

I have been living with them since 2005.

I also live with three dogs (Rain, Cali & Marlee) and three other cats (Big Kitty, Jester & Bramble) - I pretty much keep to myself but am a friendly guy-really.

On August 13th 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) - this is my story.

Most of the time my mom will be telling this story...sometimes I'll put in my two cents worth ;-)

See my lab results at the very end of my blog.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

an update...

an update..., originally uploaded by Hotash.

Mr Peeps has been doing really well the past 5 days or so. The weather has been decent for a few days, although it's creeping up on hot again. He is feeling less bony along the back bone and he never burps anymore when you pick him up. He also enjoys being touched and held again-often comes to us for this contact. He has also been coming to afternoon dinner on his own (without me calling him) and will always come when I call him for his early morning meal. His drinking and bathroom habits are pretty much the same, drinks a lot, pees a lot.

Yesterday morning when I came home from work I was exhausted and had a headache that I had been fighting all night. Mr. Peeps was not in the yard, so I figured he was in his usual riverbed spot across the river under this tree that has washed out around the roots, making an awesome little hut of sorts. This is where he has been every single night for the past week-it goes like this...I call him, he takes his sweet time coming home. Well, I was going to skip waking him up and head right to bed (some mom I am eh?) - I head upstairs, cozy up to my book, The Lost Continent, and wish for sleep to come really fast so my headache will go away.

No such luck. I hear a manly meow of Mr. Peeps. It sounds like he is in the house - hmmm, he never comes inside, at least not the past few months. I listen again, maybe it's just my guilty conscience?? But alas, it was in fact Mr. Peeps. He was heading upstairs, meowing, telling me he would eat if I would just get up and heat him up something (it was pretty cold out) - so I did. He ate like a champ and then went into his bedroom and I made sure he had a nice cozy little hut to sleep in.

He and I (and everyone else who sleeps the day shift around our house) slept until about noon-ish. When I went in to give him his afternoon check and fluids before he goes out for the day, he hops down and heads directly (with some speed) to the kitty box which is less than 2 feet away from him (in his room) - it was like I reminded him he had to pee when I came into the room.

I don't know why, but I checked his little bed was wet, I thought just a tiny bit then I realized it was pretty wet all around the area he had been laying. sigh

The other thing I notice was that he has thick, sticky saliva today-his breath did not smell as awful as it has the past few days, but his saliva was different. I'm certain that his one tooth - the tooth that got him to the vet, is causing him issues - probably more than the CRF is at this stage of the game. Tooth decay will grossly affect his ability and desire to eat and do nothing to help his kidney failure....I plan to ask the vet if there is a way for them to evaluate this tooth without using anesthesia.

I am off to research incontinence with regard to CRF, his diet, herbal remedies and vitamins that he has been getting the past week or so.

He otherwise seems happier and healthier than he did 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure he has put on some weight even---

We will have to see how the vet visit goes...
I almost don't want to subject him to a car ride he is doing so well - I may just give them a call and see what they say.

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Hotash said...

Seems dehydration can lead to sticky gums.

Mr. Peeps' labs - a complete look


Result Ref. Range H/L

Reticulocyte Count 0.7 0 - 1 %
Absolute Reticulocyte 37870 0 - 50000 / MM3
*an absolute Reticulocyte count greater than 50,000/mm3 of blood is considered evidence of regenerative anemia.


Alk. Phosphatase 10 0 - 62 U/L
ALT. (SGPT) 29 28 - 100 U/L
AST (SGOT) 25 5 - 55 U/L
CK 573 64 - 440 U/L H
GGT 1 0 - 6 U/L
Albumin 2.9 2.3 - 3.9 g/dL
Total Protein 8.5 5.9 - 8.5 g/dL
Globulin 5.6 3.0 - 5.6 g/dL
Total Bilirubin 0.2 0.0 - .4 mg/dL
Direct Bilirubin 0.1 0.0 - .2 mg/dL
BUN 114 / 114
15 - 34 mg/dL H
Creatinine 6.1 / 5.4
.8 - 2.3 mg/dL H
Cholesterol 245
82 - 218 mg/dL H
Glucose 79 70 - 150 mg/dL
Calcium 10.2 8.2 - 11.8 mg/dL
Phosphorus 10.2 / 8
3.0 - 7.0 mg/dL H
TCO2 (Bicarbonate) 11 13 - 25 mEq/l L
Chloride 115 111 - 125 mEq/L
Potassium 4.4 3.9 - 5.3 mEq/L
Sodium 150 147 - 156 mEq/L
A/G Ratio 0.5 .4 - .8
B/C Ratio 18.7

Indirect Bilirubin 0.1 0 - .3 mg/dL
NA/K Ratio 34

Hemolysis Index N

Lipemia Index N

Anion Gap 28 13 - 27 mEq/L H
T4 1.9 .5 - 5.8 ug/dL

WBC 12.5 4.2 - 15.6 Thous./uL
RBC 5.41 6.0 - 10.0 Million/uL L
HGB 8.2 9.5 - 15 g/dL L
HCT 26.4 / 20
29 - 45 % L
MCV 49 41 - 58 fL
MCH 15.2 11.0 - 17.5 pg
MCHC 31.1 29 - 36 g/dL
Neutrophil SEG 84 35 - 75 % H
Lymphocytes 8 20 - 55 % L
Monocytes 2 1 - 4 %
Eosinophil 6 2 -12 %
Basophil 0 0 - 1 %
Auto Platelet 410 170 - 600 Thous./uL
*Viewed microscopically - no feline hemotropic mycoplasmas seen/Neutrophils appear slightly toxic/Slight Howel Jolly bodies


Neutrophil SEG 10500

Lymphocyte 1000
Monocyte 250

Eosinophil 750

Basophil 0


Color Yellow

Clarity Hazy

Specific Gravity 1.014

Glucose Neg

Bilirubin Neg

Ketones Neg

Blood Neg

PH 6

Protein Neg Neg-Trace
WBC 0-2 0 - 5 HPF
RBC None 0 - 5 HPF
Bacteria Marked (>40/HPF) HPF
EPI Cell Rare (0-1) HPF
Mucus 1+

Casts None HPF
Crystals None HPF
Other Lipid droplets present

Urobilinogen Normal

Thank you Helen

Thank you Helen
for all your hard work on providing us with information on Feline Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

How to "Subcutaneous fluids"

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